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11:16am 11/04/2009
Person Anonymoose.
Pick 5 out of your f-list to complete this list, and of course, be honest. ;)
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Oh, and I taaag... the_greatgetsla , jaaku_san , abbadon_karl , eris405 , aaand... unseenkid !
mood: Long weekend!Long weekend!
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11:43pm 19/10/2006
Person Anonymoose.
Yeah, haven't been updating like I wish I could. I'm just a lazy bum. : P

Aaaanyway, it's my 18th birthday tomorrow, hurrah! :} I'm excited. Though I've already gotten my presents from my mom and myself, mostly. I downloaded the Sims 2 Pets expansion last night and played it. It's superfun, I reccommend those of you who enjoy the game to pick it up ASTAT, -TONIGHT-. /Dane Cook. Oh, and props to Getsla for her date of birth which is today.

Also, essays and midterms suck. Especially on your birthday. Got a midterm tomorrow and an essay due on Monday, so I'm gonna have to work on it all through my birthday weekend. ;__; Plus I have to go to Children's Sabbath, and probably the religious thingy after (though I don't think I'm gonna make it, I work slowly and that's just too much time taken out of worky-on-essay). So yeah. Major unhappy.

I usually like to end my entries on an optimistic note, but these next few days are gonna be tough. I hate work! >:[
mood: Meh.Meh.
music: Something by the Doors.
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